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Sheila Chadwick


Sheila is a freelance journalist who writes on Urban Affairs and has contributed to various publications in print as well as online.  Some credits include Crystal Magazine, Mahogany Magazine and liner notes for the Midnight Soul compilation released on the Right Stuff Records label in January 2004.  Sheila is a native of California currently residing in the Midwest.


            Karyn Beach

Karyn Beach is a screenwriter, web "mistress" and freelance journalist. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Karyn currently resides on the outskirts of Los Angeles.

    Thomas Ferguson (via

Writing is like second nature to Thomas who has been writing seriously since college. Recently he started writing reviews for a LA-based magazine called Valley Scene Magazine, where he offers both film and theater critiques. Thomas� first taste of success came in 2004 when his first screenplay Beat of the Drum, an urban horror script, landed him a spot in the 2004 Script Doctor 911 workshop. His second script Death of the Dream, a drama about a woman overcoming self esteem issues, has helped him land a spot as a Fellow in Film Independent�s Project: Involve mentorship program.

    Brian Murphy (via

Brian J. Murphy is the founder/owner of Shoot for the Moon Enterprises, where he works as a freelance camera operator and copy writer for companies in need of marketing and advertising material. An accomplished videographer, Brian has over 200 productions to his credit. He�s shot for NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, CNN, Georgia Public Television, ESPN and TBS. Shoot for the Moon has contracts with the Staple Center, The Anaheim Mighty Ducks, and Professional Boxing. A hard worker, Murphy is currently under contract with the FOX network. In addition to movie reviews, he also writes for an agency that markets films for all the major studios.


    Jason Elias

Jason is a pop culture critic and a freelance writer who lives in Maryland. His work has appeared in Upscale Magazine, the All Music Guide as well as many other magazines and newspapers.


    Michelle Metoyer

Michelle Angelique Metoyer was born in Los Angeles, CA, raised, educated and groomed in the classrooms and streets of San Francisco, CA.  Ms. Metoyer developed a passion for writing at an early age, and went on to write christian plays, short stories, songs, and volumes of poetry.  Ms. Metoyer completed her first novel "Reliable Sources" March of 2004.  Currently she's adding to her poetry collection and working on her next novel.  Ms. Metoyer resides in San Francisco, CA.


    Ashlee Brown

Ashlee is responsible for overseeing the execution of our social media and digital intiatives, including monitoring of social media trends, helping with the development and managing of viral mareting campaigns. Here at Word On The Street, we depend on her creativity to set us apart from the rest!


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