Why should you advertise with Word On The Street is a good enough question but the answer is quite simple. You should advertise with us because 

Most importantly because...

Word On The Street is an urban monthly online magazine. Primary readership is male and females between the ages of 21 and 50 who love music, reading, sports and entertainment news. We are growing as fast as the web itself. Our goal is to give you a great value for your advertising dollars. Our members and visitors are loyal. We get over 600 hits a day between the website and the message board. We have a steady click-through banner rate and WOTS has grown by 800 subscribers within the last month (not including those that forward on to others).

We are committed to bringing as much value to our advertisers as possible and advertising with Word On The Street shows support of uninhibited concepts and an audience that reflects culture and sophistication.

Partner with Word On The Street by sponsoring a one-time fee for a full year of advertising for your company. Your company logo or banner/button ad (with hot link to your website) will appear in all monthly advertising edition for a 12 month period.  Add another $500 to the 12 month plan, $250 to the 6 month plan or $50 to the monthly plan to include your add on our message board as well.

Fee Schedule

$2000 - 12 Consecutive Months                    $1000 - 6 Consecutive Months                      $200 - Month by Month     

Sponsorship fee is subject to change.

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 12 Month Advertising

 6 Month Advertising

 Monthly Advertising

Contact us at info@thewots.info to inquire.


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